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Alex Dumas

Serving others has always been a passion of mine. 
As co-creator of Abundance Dominance Daily (A.D.D.), I now have that platform to deliver a message to empower, educate and inspire entrepreneurs all over the world.​​

My background in financial services introduced me to several challenges that I knew I had to help people change. I sat with countless individuals who struggled not only with their money habits but their mindset and self-sabotaging mindset! I specialize in working with people of all ages!

Sarah and I started the A.D.D. movement to empower people with daily messages and tips to upgrade your identity. You're worthy of so much more  abundance for your business and lifestyle. Work with me one on one in a 6 week intensive with weekly 30 minute calls. You will also receive e-mail support from me during this time.
Together we'll map out how to set the right goals and put together a personalized action plan to achieve them. 
It's time to take charge of your life, let me help you, let's get started champion!

Sarah Dumas

Hi! I'm Sarah Dumas. I am a business and money mindset coach. I help spiritual women transform into the higher version of themselves. I fully believe that your biggest transformation is just on the other side of transforming what's between your ears (your mind!)
I will help you shift into a higher consciousness of financial abundance so that you are showing up as the Abundant CEO in your business. We will break through your money blocks, shift into a high vibe state and unlock your higher abundance. This will shift you from struggling and hustling 24/7 just to get by into an Abundant CEO in your business. I offer 1:1 coaching. 
Schedule your FREE session by clicking here we will: 
1. We create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success in your business
2. We uncover the hidden challenges that are keeping you from getting the clients you want.
3. You will leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to create your dream business.
Schedule your FREE session by clicking here

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